Skirt crush with Vodim

More specifically I have fallen in love with Vodim the label’s  commitment to quality and elegance, a belief that I share that all women should feel beautiful, sophisticated and sexy all at once. They have really perfected these three looks in one which are perfect for the work place.

I have the Blue Marle below the knee skirt – which incidentally also comes in cherry red – uh where do I sign up? Here. Thanks.


This skirt is perfect with a classic crisp white shirt for a more classic office look, looks fabulous with a fun shirt or blouse (you can thank the cut, colour and fabric of the skirt for this!) and it also looks great with wedges for a more relaxed weekend look.


Lets talk about the cut of this skirt. It falls to just below your knee for what you can mistakenly believe is a more modest style. I absolutely agree and disagree at the same time. You can rock this length at any age keeping your look stylish and also classy at the same time! I live by the adage of sex sells but class is timeless. Someone famous has said those things a time or two…  The fit of the skirt and sleek silhouette it gives, allows you to ban the stereotype and wear it with pride. If you are a little older just think about opposites. If the skirt length is modest then think about an interesting cut and fabric to complement the length. It’s a quick and simple way to make sure you get that balance right and keep the personal style without losing your class and femininity.


I also love the colour of this skirt. If you’re looking for the clean classics of business wear this blue colour seems to blend into a beautiful compliment of the rest of the outfit while still adding some colour – but if you’re styling a relaxed weekend look then this skirt manages to morph into a colour that seems almost like a subtle denim. I actually think its magic.

Check out Vodim the Label’s other stunning designs here. And happy shopping beauties!



Corporate colours


Most people tend to go for standard black, grey and navy at work. They are flattering colours, you don’t have to think about the colours clashing and its easy to style. But, you know what’s wrong with it? It’s boring. It is boring for the people you work with and its boring for clients.

Colours are my simple fix for when I’m feeling a little ‘stale’ or stressed out at work. Sounds really silly I know, but it actually cures Mondayitis.

I know some of you have fairly conservative or strict work dress codes, but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo any type of colour and dress like your mood. I’m going to share with you a few really quick ideas how to pep up your colour wardrobe and also your mood.

  1. Easy peasy necklaces and earrings (although never at the same time my dear) Go for a statement necklace I love Samantha Wills’ collections and also Collette by Collette Hayman if you’re on a budget and in Australia. You can go for the big fake jewel looking necklaces and earrings if you absolutely can’t do colour or you can go for a more simple colourful necklace. It lifts the whole outfit and makes it a little more playful but you still get to keep your conservative tailoring, lines and hem lengths!

2. Shoes. My favourites. I never need an excuse to buy new shoes but if in doubt, I tell myself it’s because I don’t have some in that particular colour. So go and up your shoe game. Even interesting patterns/textures can go a long way if you’re not daring enough to go for a colour pop just yet.

3. Scarves, and not just your warm winter essentials either. Thankfully silk neck scarves and ties are making a comeback. Super cute bow at your neck or simple draped around your colour brings life to a dreary outfit. The silk scarves are also a fantastic way of still keeping cool in summer but making sure that you have the appropriate level of clothing on. By tying one in a bow around your neck it can make a neckline that was bordering on unsuitable suddenly professional again.

4. Nail polish. If you sit at your desk all day this is a fabulous way to put a smile on your face. You’ll be looking at your bright little nails all day and if you keep a smells-so-good-I-could-eat-it hand cream next to you,  I promise it’s the easiest way to make you smile. Plus a good mani always puts us in a good mood. Try Shellac or Gel polishes so you don’t get any peeling or chips to keep your digits in tip top condition.

5. last but not least your outfit. If you work in a more casual setting or the dress code is not so corporate strict then go for some bright colours when you’re next out shopping. Make sure the fit is comfortable though and it lets you do everything you need to at work because in order for you to pull off bright colours you need to feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Have a look at my Instagram 925wear for some colour blocking inspo!



Loud shoe dilemmas


These shoes are amazing, but they were an impulse buy. No they aren’t real and I am proud of it. They cost me $35 including postage from the Iconic. Bargain. Only problem is that I love them so much I just wish I could wear them to work. They aren’t exactly sweet as pie work shoes.

So here are my tips to style ‘aggressive’ shoes. Weird description right? Well once you put these on you kind of feel a bit like a supermodel bad ass. Not a bad cure for the start of the week.

So I have some very simple rules with shoes like this.

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Balance it with something a little more feminine.


Keeping it simple. OK, sounds easy enough right? But it’s actually not because so many people fall into this trap because the shoes feel so amazing on that they feel like glamming the whole outfit up and they end up with something a little OTT and stripper-esque.

I usually wear it with the same colours of the shoes; nude and black with some gold details to match the studs. It unites everything really nicely without it looking too matchy matchy.


These black cropped pants from Showpo are my go to with these shoes whether it’s for work or for date night. They are so good for keeping things simple but chic which is exactly what you need with shoes like these!


My second rule is to keep it feminine. With shoes that are a not so feminine it’s importance to keep the balance right for work. You don’t want to walk in looking like you’ve come straight from a heavy metal concert. Luckily this season has been all about pastels and bows. I’ve left my blouse un-tucked for a more relaxed look – the last thing you want to do is look like you’ve tried too hard. This blouse even has the cutest bow detail which relaxes the look even more and makes it a little more playful. When you look at the whole outfit together, each part equally unites and softens the other that way you can wear your daring shoes and work in them too!



The Green Eyed Monster

I sometimes don’t understand why some women think that dressing up in pink and pearls is setting back equality and women’s rights by 50 Years. Its just not true. Ill be the first to put my hand up and demand equal pay, demand equal rights, but I wont verbally bash other women just because they aren’t like me.

I hate the looks I get sometimes when I’m all dressed up for work – the stilettos, the jewelry, the pencil skirts, it draws the wrong kind of attention. I’m not talking about cat calls or inappropriate comments form men. I’m talking about the snide comments, the raised eyebrows and the obvious look up and down. From other women. It really used to get to me. I used to dress down a little, just to avoid this bullying. Yes. Bullying.

Women can be the harshest critiques of each other and also our best supporters. But fashion is one of those things that women feel that we have the right to be a bitch about, that we have the right to judge another women’s personality, strength of character, values and opinions based on what she wears. Lets try a little experiment. Lets say you see a blonde young woman walk towards you, stilettos, tailored pants, and perfect makeup. You think snob, rich, princess, high maintenance. Wrong. She could be you. Lets try again, you see; Dyed green and yellow hair, tattoos, nose ring and doc Martins. You think punk, goth, unprofessional, difficult, non conformist. Wrong. She could be you. Two polar opposite stereotypes. Two polar opposite perceptions about these women. What I wish women would stop doing was judging a book by its cover. Its just not fair.

Ok, so how does this relate to workplace fashion? Well, stop tearing down the woman who dresses up every morning. Don’t let the green eyed monster rear its ugly head just because you cant admit she actually looks amazing. How many times have you snidely whispered “Yeah I’ll bet she’s only dressed up because she’s going for a promotion” or “Do you think her boss has noticed?” Whatever happened to the “Love your shoes!” or “Where did you get that skirt? Looks fabulous on you!” Yeah I don’t know either. Somewhere along the line people have started saying that the woman (or man) who takes pride in their appearance and fashion at work is simply trying to dress the part for the promotion, or are arrogant/conceited etc. Its just not fair.

Something I’ve certainly come across is this notion that because I dress up, put on my makeup and wear heels, that I’m a ditzy blonde. They put me into my stereotype box very happily and leave me there. Until they finally realise that I don’t dress for anyone else. I dress the way I do because, news flash, I like it. Shock horror. Someone actually does something for their own enjoyment not for the approval of others. I like the way doing my makeup makes me feel like I’m putting on my corporate game face. I like the way I feel professional. I like the way I cant slip into my dress and pull on my boss lady personality. Don’t assume that the woman who dresses up, does her makeup and hair, and always wears stilettos has zero interests in women’s rights and equality, that she would rather just be a housewife (not that there is any shame in being a house wife or husband either – but thats a post for another day my dears!). The judgement has to stop. It’s just not fair.

So here is my challenge to you – say something nice to a woman you next see and mean it. Find something you would love to be able to copy and tell her about it. Or ask her where she got that item. We need more love and less judgement.

Go forth and compliment my beauties!


First impressions – the interview

So today I went to Macquarie University here in Sydney to talk to their undergrads in the education department about how to ace the interview and how to dress for the interview.

Interview skills. Make sure you know everything you possibly can about the company or business you are applying for, not just the things that are relevant for your (future!) role.

Often one of the first questions an interviewer may ask you is; “So, tell me a little about yourself Maddy.” Don’t panic – its not really a trick question, its just something to get you talking and to see that you have a personality before the start talking about more technical aspects of the job. Don’t tell them you love Law and Order SVU reruns with your dad and that you love online shopping, that’s not what they want to hear – although if you’re anything like me that could be exactly what a weekend well spent looks like… Anyway what they want to hear is that you can interact well with others. Prepare something about your hobbies outside lounging inside. Maybe you run marathons… no not the fridge, actual marathons. Maybe you have an unusual hobby ( I said unusual not weird. Think riding horses not spider breeding – there is a difference y’know!?!) or you play in a social netball team on weekends. They love those sorts of things as openers.

You need to show them that you have an interest in their business and their philosophy which drives the company. Look for slogans, mottos, and values. You need to think about how these values etc can apply to you. For example, many schools list Commitment as one of their school wide values. You need to think of examples of how you have already shown commitment in the life you have lead and how you will show commitment to the school (or company).

Next up, google some generic interview questions and record yourself answering them. Why the recording? I hear you ask. Well, its actually really useful so you can analyse your mannerisms, maybe you wave your hands when you speak a little too enthusiastically or maybe you scratch your nose every time you don’t have something to say. The recording allows you to pick up on these silly habits so you can eliminate them before you try your interview skills for real…in front of family. Get your husband, wife, significant other, son, daughter, or parents to ask you your questions, and ask them for feedback.

Finally, plan your outfit. You need to be dressed classically – this is not the time to decide to try a new statement pair of thigh high boots. Regardless of the job you are going for, dress up. Suit up! If its an outdoors-y type job depending on the context, you can get away with a  sports coat and slacks or blazer. If its a more traditional type job then you need to let the detail do all the work. My go to interview style is a grey pencil skirt and matching suit jacket, black stilettos, and a black blouse. The traditional white blouse can be boring and predictable as can the black suit. The grey and black are perfect together and really make a sophisticated, confident statement… without blinding them with razzle dazzle colour, glitz, and jewelry.

If you have any specific questions, style advice for an interview or anything else to do with first impressions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


The Kaluha dress

If you’ve ever had anything to do with Esther boutique you know that this dress is going to be amazing.

I bought the burgundy stripe, but it comes in navy, and beige as well. It is the perfect knitted body con dress for mid season styling.



I have so much in navy and so many beige tops or pants, I thought the burgundy stripe was just perfect, great to keep your wardrobe colours different.

I originally bought it online as a dress for brunch on the weekends with girl friends, but after trying it on for the first time at home, I just didn’t want to take it off. I also discovered that it was perfect for work at the moment because it was a little warmer than most of my other dresses, being knitted and it ticked all the modesty boxes – to the knee and a high scoop neck with three quarter sleeves! But because its a knitted body con it still showed off my shape but wasn’t a ‘sexy sexy’ date night body con in a slinky material. It stops just at the knee but one side scoops up a little and shows off just a little. I love the asymmetrical lines of this dress.

As soon as I saw it on the Esther boutique website I knew I had to have it – plus it only costs $69.95! Bargain! And in all honesty who doesn’t want to wear a dress named after some cocktails!

Have a look at my Insta to see how I styled this beauty!


Working into the weekend


Lets talk about your killer weekend wardrobe. Lets say you have a fabulous working wardrobe and you love the Monday to Friday outfits. Your problem is – you now don’t have a super chic weekend wardrobe to match.

You’re a style icon at work, but now your friends and family expect the oh so fab working you to keep it up through the weekend.

Don’t panic, I can help. It’s quite simple really. I am going to show you on my Instagram and on my Shop with me page how to take some of your staple work pieces into the weekend.

You’ll see how to style jackets, dresses, scarves, shirts and much more with your weekend favourites.