Mums and daughters

Every little girl plays dress ups, whether we were emulating our favourite Disney princess or warrior princess we all loved dressing up and pretending to be some one else. I did this so often as a little girl – I would always put my mum’s high heels on and shuffle around the kitchen floor with her necklaces hanging to below my knees. Often with stuffed toy in tow. My mum has always been my style icon. Despite insisting that I wear my brother’s hand me down clothes when I was in primary school ‘because it was cheaper’ which resulted in me being dressed for extended periods in maroon corduroy overalls, boys jumpers with frilly socks on my feet, she really does know what she is doing.

When I got my first Practicum teaching posting, my mum and my sister took me out shopping. We first hit up Target for some basic suit skirts and collared shirts which we knew would take a beating. But then mum took me to David Lawrence, one of her go to work wear brands. She explained to me how I needed to invest in some timeless, quality pieces which I knew would suit me and last for years to come. Boy has that been true. I still have my black suit blazer from DL after 5 years and it still has its shape and is in great condition. I also bought a classic cut white and green dress from DL at the same time, and I bring this dress out every year for special occasions like Parent Teacher interviews, school Christmas parties and Speech day at the end of each school year.

Over time, I have been adding some amazing classic pieces from the DL range, which are not seasonal, one off purchases. Each piece I buy, I know will fit me and still be appropriate not only for office and work dress standards but also it won’t become ‘last season’ and no longer wearable.

One of the other things I love about David Lawrence when I shop, I know exactly how each piece will fit. Once you find your fit with them, you know it will be true to that size each time you shop – which is a dangerous thing for me sometimes with my tendency to online shop – the only thing that stops me is being scared it won’t fit me, but no excuses now!!

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These DL pants are everything

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Most of you wouldn’t be aware, but my mum takes all of my photos. Its a mum and daughter day out normally when we want to shoot specific looks which always means we just have to stop at a cafe for coffee or lunch. I know that the opportunities I have had with my IG and my blog are all thanks to her and I wouldn’t be able to do this without her (also, you should see the photos my dad takes… smh). It’s such a fantastic feeling being able to not only share my fashion journey with her but also to be able to share with my mum the excitement of wearing brands she introduced me to. So thanks Mumma Bear for introducing me to David Lawrence and countless other brands, and being my style guru!

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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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