Still nothing to wear…

The pile of clothes you’re standing on is steadily growing as you strip off yet another top that doesn’t quite fit the dress code. I call it a ‘floordrobe’, the pile of clothes that didn’t make the cut, you can’t be bothered to hang them up again (plus they aren’t worthy – they didn’t live up to the expectation that the size 6 would suddenly fit again) but too clean to put through the wash.

This used to be exactly how I left the house on a Friday evening, and continued adding to my ‘floordrobe’ over the weekend after several (finally!!) changes of outfits. I used to struggle so much with what to wear on the weekends. I used to have my corporate working wardrobe set, and perfectly managed, but was completely at a loss as to what to wear on the weekends. The only things I had to wear other than my work clothes, were either my sports bra and leggings, or jeans and an old t-shirt. What to do? So I started to pick pieces I could easily ‘dress down’ for a casual chic look but would also look super chic and classy for work. Winter and Autumn are the easiest because you can just throw on some cute boots and a chic blazer and you’re set. But how to dress up a summer wardrobe when you’re slowly roasting?

Have a look at these photos, I have included my two favourite workwear pieces worn so many different ways!!

Enjoy! Xx


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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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