Carbon Coco

So for the first time I have ‘vlogged’ – how is that even a verb? My autocorrect hates it!?!

After many false starts and some serious trouble figuring out the whole ‘your face is reversed you numpty that’s why you can’t touch that side of your face when you tried to touch the other side’. But, I must say, it was quite a bit of fun, after I got over the cringe of listening to my voice over and over again as I edited the video. In saying that though, I haven’t done much editing. I am a serial watcher of all things beauty videos and reviews, but one thing I can’t stand about it sometimes is that they are always so heavily edited. Apart from being lazy and editing inept, I would like to think that this is a more real review, which includes all word stumbles, and just about every time something flits through my mind I say it. So, I hope you enjoy my little baby steps review of my new fave product (seriously!) in the video below.

In all seriousness though, why did I want to review Carbon Coco? Well, it mostly comes from my love of coffee and my inability to not be caffeine wired throughout the day. Which unfortunately means that I am always left with pesky little stains on my teeth and no one can regularly afford proper dentist teeth whitening.

Another reason why I’m loving Carbon Coco, is that it is all natural, and cruelty free. If you know me, natural products are the go for me, (it’s secret ingredient is activated charcoal, which is why its icky black to turn our teeth sparkly white) and its also cruelty free – it’s a winner for me then.

If you’re too lazy to watch the video then the only review you will ever need is the one compliment from my boyfriend, who is pretty allergic to social media and we have zero photos together because of this… I’m getting off track.. oh yeah, he commented and asked me if I had been using ‘that gross black stuff’ on my teeth, because ‘hey, your teeth look white, you look good.’ Now, ladies (and gentlemen), from him, this is a world class comment, one that made me all wriggly with satisfaction and I had to sit there and try and act cool and nonchalant like this wasn’t one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard..  so, if he thinks it works (and he is super unobservant with things like this) then it absolutely must be!

Try it, and let me know how you go in the comments!


Carbon Coco

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