Target bargains

Ok, so everyone loves Target. Everyone. Don’t deny it, you actually do.

I am one of those people who will deliberately park my car at the Target entrance to the shopping centre just so I have to walk through Target to get to where I am actually going. I like to pretend that I’m not a sucker for sale signs, but really I am, and making it necessary to get from A-B by having to walk through my most favourite-est shop ever means I feel less guilty for stopping, because really, its not actually my fault. I had to stop and look.

Which is how I find most of my workwear staples, or some absolute gems in Target! It is amazing for those basics, white shirts, black blazers etc that don’t cost the earth but also look really decent…IMG_8080IMG_8070

That’a how I found this little treasure hanging on a rack one day. It was $15.. 15!!! so it had to come home with me. I couldn’t have left it there! Anyway, I love this little striped dress so much. I know Its much more of a summer style, and trust me I’ll be living in it come summer time at work and at home, but for now, I have styled it in our Australian winter (which is let’s face, it pretty mild) so it can go across seasons.


Another target gem is this blazer. Target has the best reasonably priced blazers, ever. The fit and cut of these blazers is always spot on and they feel sooo comfy. I am loving this bright blue blazer which I picked up about a week ago (you would have seen it feature heavily on my IG!!). Oh, and did I mention it has subtle shoulder pads? Shoulder pads. Can we please bring back the power suits – as hideous as some power suits were, I just loved what they symbolised! Yassss ladies!


And last but not least is this dress I bargain bought at Target, is one of my all time favourite red dresses. It is made out of a heavier material, but I am just so in love with it. I know that I have done lots of other posts on it – maybe thats because its a fave, hint hint. Target please make this in other colours too!

The little kick detail at the back and the cut out shoulders are amaaaaazing!


Let me know what you think in the comments!

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