Back to school – goal setting

IMG_7247We have all been there, we come back from a break and we feel refreshed and willing to tackle some new work and new challenges. By week 6, you’re already planning what time you’ll get to bed that night as you get your morning coffee, because it seems like for the past few weeks, you’ve done nothing but stay up too late, not work productively, and you feel yourself slipping. You promise yourself that tonight will be the night you turn it all around, that you will get on top of your to do list both professionally and at home. And yet, it’s 10PM and you’re sitting half changed from work, chocolate on your lap, staring vacantly at the TV watching an old episode of Game of Thrones, and the washing basket is full next to you, supposed to be on its way to the washing machine… What were you saying again about making a fresh start?

Good news is, we all do it! I used to be so guilty of doing this but I figured out what is actually super simple to keep myself on track and sticking to my goals.

Set yourself mini goals towards a major goal.

Often people will simply write down their major goal and neglect to tick off or recognised the small steps they needed to take in order to achieve this goal. For example, one of my goals for this school term is to focus more on engaging my Year 8 students. Now if I simply wrote down; Engage Year 8 students, I would quickly realise that after a few weeks of work I wasn’t achieving this big long term end goal of full engagement. If instead I had written as a heading Engage Year 8 students, then as sub categories, I had written down my mini goals in order to achieve this improved engagement I would be able to stay on track, keep myself focused and maintain my own enthusiasm and positivity towards this major goal.

Now, engagement is a rather abstract concept for a goal, so lets pick a simpler, more real life example. If your goal is to revamp the master bedroom – which, let’s face it, could be a month long task, or maybe more, for working people, then start small. First step might be to go through your wardrobe and donate unused clothes so you can declutter your wardrobes. The second mini goal you might choose is; find, sort and wash all linen for that room so its clean and easily accessible. The next goal you might have is to shift furniture and remove any surplus items in that room that are possibly just there for storage. Your final step might be to then finally, redecorate the room. If you had simply written REVAMP BEDROOM. I can almost guarantee that you would not have achieved this as you wouldn’t have had the foggiest, where to start.

So, make sure you set yourself     mini goals in order to achieve those bigger long term end goals, whether professionally or personally.

I would love to hear your thoughts on goal setting and some of your goals! Let me know in the comments!

Maddy xx

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