Winter glow

I get it, you’re tired, work sucks at the moment and no matter how hard you try you just can’t get those elusive 8 hours each night of sleep. I’m one of those people who binge sleeps, and thinks that if I sleep on a Sunday for 14 hours that makes up for surviving the rest of the week on only 5 hours a night. Yeah, no. It doesn’t work like that. Luckily I’ve tried something that I think is going to revolutionalise your skincare routine. No its not another topical cream – then again those babies give me so much hope in an overpriced, gold lettering bottle – but a post on those beauties another day.

Today I want to tell you all about Vida Glow.

Its a marine collagen supplement. What’s collagen? Did you miss being a woman 101 and staring endlessly at the back of skin care bottles? I got you. Collagen in a nutshell is the good stuff that keeps your skin all elastic-y and wrinkle free. Unfortunately we stop producing collagen in our mid 20’s and then we ride the wrinkle roller coaster of topical ointments to fix whats on top, but don’t do enough for what is in our skin. Ohhhh you say, got it. Noted. See, not that tricky after all.

Anyway, Vida Glow uses naturally sourced marine collagen to give our bodies a boost – it promotes shiny hair, fixes brittle nails (it’s done wonders for my years of Acrylic nail abuse) and most importantly keeps those frown lines at bay. My skin has become more supple and just seems plump-er … is that a word? Pretty much, all you need to know is that its a miracle worker.


How do I take it?

Because old habits die hard for this tweet-something year old, I take mine in a medicine shot glass and chug it down. But you can mix it in with your coffee (its stable in hot food and drinks) or smoothies and foods! I’m pretty sensitive to taste – and it pretty much is odourless & tasteless! Yippee! You can also get it in different flavours; Blueberry, Mango, Peach and Pineapple, but I have mine in the original flavour.

Now the clever cookies over at Vida Glow have designed it so that the lazy ladies (and men) can simple grab the sachets and rip it open to use. They come in pre measured sachets and you can use up to three sachets, depending on how dire your skin situation is. I like the sachets because I can throw them in my handbag and have them at morning tea if I have forgotten to take it with my morning coffee… But for the not so lazy people out there it comes in a loose powdered from with a measuring scoop.

Have you tried it? let me know what you think in the comment section!

Maddy xx

Ps. Getting a good nights sleep and looking after your skin with a balanced diet and sun care is just as important, Vida Glow can’t make up for you neglecting the rest of your ‘must do’s’ in life even if it is pretty incredible! Do as I say not as I do!!


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