Work the weekend wardrobe

I find this Autumn/Winter in-between season so difficult to dress for! Killer weekday working outfits, and then as soon as the weekend hits, the outfits take a serious down turn and family and friends say things with raised eyebrows ‘Oh you’re dressed casually today’ or ‘wow that looks soooo comfy’. insert raised eyebrows, the slight curl of the lip. Oh hey guys, sorry, didn’t know we had to be in stilettos all day every day.

But then again, if we did turn up to family dinner in those heels, I’m sure we would get the same reaction. Here’s the problem. You’ve nailed your cooler weather workwear, but the weekends are a struggle, you don’t know how to make that casual outfit look chic and keep warm.

Easy peasy wardrobe update. Head to my Instagram 925wear to see how I do this.

  1. Add your chic work jackets and blazers.
  2. Learn how to layer like a queen – just not The Queen.
  3. Quality wool is your best friend




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