What are you wearing?

IMG_0760IMG_0796You’re excited for the weekend, and you have so many things planned but you feel your old mate Anxiety hit. What to wear? Will he be there? Should I even go? No one will notice if I don’t go..will they?.

Already wore that outfit last weekend with that same group of friends?

The weather has turned and the outfit you planned just won’t be suitable anymore?

Venue has changed and now you don’t know if you’re original, planned outfit will be appropriate?

Time to call a girlfriend and ask the dreaded ‘What are you wearing?” question. No, not the question the creepy guy who only texts you when he’s drunk kind of question – which you always reply with something coy, when in reality you’re tucked up in your flannelette pyjamas with a funky coloured face mask on… I’m off topic aren’t I?!? Anyway, when you ask a girlfriend that question she nearly always says, oh just jeans and heels, nothing fancy and she either turns up in sequins and stripper heels, or is wearing her active wear and you have now seriously misjudged the occasion.

Don’t worry I’ve been there before too! And it’s not a nice feeling, but I’m here to help don’t panic, and certainly don’t go out and buy a whole new outfit – the panic tempts you against better judgement doesn’t it! Hands up ladies if you’ve ever panic bought an outfit just to find it was probably no more suitable than the original you had planned? Been there done that!

Ok, first things first. Decide whether its a heels or flats occasion – strappy, open toe or enclosed, more formal? Decided on that? Great. Move up.

Skirt or pants? I have a pair of black stretchy work pants from Showpo that make my derrière look amaze! I kid you not, very Tammy Hembrow -esque (if you don’t know who she is, look her up on IG!!) Im getting sidetracked… These pants are my life. They are perfect for a corporate meeting, perfect on date night with a dropped top so he can really see just how amazing that bum looks, oh and then they bridge the gap between ‘oh sorry I came to this straight from work and I didn’t have time to change, but yes I look fabulous and chic and fit right in with the cool kids’ or the ‘Didn’t know the dress code, turns out its casual chic, turns out I nailed it’ They are seriously awesome. Sadly they don’t stock them anymore, but I’ll find you a replacement pair ladies as soon as I can!

I am so glad ripped jeans are finally a thing again too – much to my grandmother’s fretting and offers to sew up those holes…. anyway, I love a pair of ripped jeans. They nail the casual chic vibe, but with the right top, can bridge to gap to fashionista, go anywhere, any dress code. Just remember to balance it!

Then work on the top. Juts a little cleavage not too much though, remember, a little imagination goes a long way!! If you have a smaller bust like me, you can get away with having lower cut tops and lacy bras showing more often because the lack of ‘I’m falling out of my top’ thing helps keep it sophisticated and sexy. If you have a fuller bust size, I would recommend something a little tighter with a higher neck line. Remember to show not tell. let them imagine whats going on. Of course, this all has to fit with the occasion – but you really can’t go wrong with some tight, high necked tops, they keep just enough on show but still manage to stay appropriate for different occasions!! I have some perfect examples of these on my IG 925wear from Zara. They are perfect for work or weekends out!

Then choose your accessories. Earrings or necklaces. One or the other. 9 times out of ten I hate matching sets. If you don’t have a good eye yet for seeing what works with an outfit then just stick to one or the other to be safe. You can’t go wrong then. I love gold for nights out, but silver for day time play time. But, choose whatever suits you and your skin tones!

Let me know what your go to outfit is in the comments below!

Happy weekend lovelies!




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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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