Scarf Styling

This scarf from The Shirt Muse is a summer staple!


I am so in love with scarves at the moment. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t it summer in Australia?” yes it is, but I’m not talking about the traditional wooden, rug-me-up scarves we bring out in winter to hide the cold-blotched neck. Today’s post is all about my love for silk scarves. I’m an absolute sucker for scarves. I think I have about 50, maybe more in different styles and colours.

There are so many different ways you can wear a scarf. One of my favourites it just to simply hang it around and under the collar of my shirt and have the ends just touch the waist line of my pants/skirt. It’s such an easy way to dress up an otherwise pretty boring outfit. I also love to wear a scarf around my neck and then simply knotted in the centre of the shirt. It can look so effortless and and the same time can lift the whole outfit and make it look so much more put together. Another simple way to wear a scarf is tied at the neck, air hostess- style. It can look really cute and its great if you want to dress up a t-shirt and pants/skirt to look a little more sophisticated.

Another reason to jump on the scarf love trend is how affordable they are. You can honestly pick a good quality silk look scarf for around $30. Which has got to be super cheap way to change up the look of any outfit.

You can wear a scarf with pretty much any outfit. Busy patterned shirt? No worries, go for a classic colour and wear it in a really simple way. Lower cut shirt and now you’re stuck wondering if its appropriate? Easy fix – simple knot just at your bust and now it looks effortless and just the right amount of ‘sex-appeal’ on show. Suddenly realised you’re wearing the exact same outfit as your boss in a meeting? Easy – take out the scarf, you know, the one that you folded in your handbag for just these kinds of occasions, and drape it around your neck. No more matchy-matchy with your boss.



There are so many ways to wear a scarf this summer and it’s the easiest new trend thats so versatile! Happy shopping!

Check out my Instagram- 925wear for some ideas how to style your scarf!



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