Summer Dressing

Keeping cool and looking cool is a daily struggle in the Australian summer. For many of us, its just for the sticky walk to and from walk to the air conditioned offices that we have to deal with this problem. However, other (myself included) aren’t as lucky to have the air con luxury. Instead I am blessed with prepubescent boys on a hot summers afternoon with two rickety old fans while I jump around and entertain them so they can learn something instead of falling asleep in the heat. This results in a red faced, sweaty, and puffed French teacher who may or may not be slowly suffocating from her student’s lack of deodorant knowledge.

So how do we deal with this so when we walk out from the classroom (or whatever your equivalent is)  and have to head into a meeting, looking cool, calm and collected?


Always pick clothes that you are comfortable in. Don’t pick something thats super tight fitting because its guaranteed to make you fidget and fuss over the way it sits, oh and it will trap in all of that sweat. Great. I love crisp linen shirts that I can roll the sleeves up. Rolling my sleeves up on a really nice shirt silk, cotton, linen etc can make you look effortlessly chic. For some of my favourite shirts have a look at The Shirt Muse‘s amazing range of work ready shirts.

The Shirt Muse

Next, find clothes that you know wont show your sweat stains. Don’t pretend that you don’t sweat. Yes you do. For the rest of us realists, there is nothing worse than realising that your top is now two shades of grey and is a giveaway that you are slow roasting in the afternoon heat. If you aren’t sure if your shirt is going to show sweat then pick a bold pattern so it wont be so obvious, or pick very neutral colours. FYI linen shirts can be effortlessly chic, but I have an amazing burnt orange one from Zara but there is no way I would be caught wearing it on a hot and stuffy summer afternoon. It loves to let everyone know if I have even the smallest amount of sweat.

The Shirt Muse – Perfect for keeping cool

Another thing most women don’t think about is underwear. Nothing worse than feeling the slight trickle down your cleavage. Boob sweats. Charming. Put down the push up bra on these days and go for an old favourite t-shirt bra – or if your outfit allows it, pop on a seamless sportswear. You can thank me later. I am an advocate for matchy matchy sexy underwear to power dress you through your day, but on these hot days put down the lace and pick up your cotton, full brief faves. Such a simple change can make a huge difference to your sweat comfort.

Luckily flared pants and culottes are in vogue at the moment so take advantage of them this season – super comfy, effortlessly chic and they a nice and flowing and wont stick to you in the wrong places.

Head over to my Instagram 925wear for some visual inspo of how I am handling this summer heat!





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