Setting up your New Year

I always feel like every New Year I think about making a resolution, but end up either not sticking to it, or realising too late that it wasn’t realistic. I feel like every goal is achievable if you know how to set it up properly (but let’s be real, don’t make your goal to be the Queen of Denmark by May. Obviously thats not that achievable).

Make sure you are very specific in the goal you set. Don’t settle for “I’m going to lose weight this year” How much? In kilograms? A dress size or two? So you can fit into those amazing skinny jeans you bought because they were on sale even though they were a size too small..? Be specific, otherwise you might go down a dress size, not realise and be fed up and disappointed with yourself for not having been able to achieve anything.

Another important thing is to give yourself mini timeframes for the goal. If we use the weight loss resolution, don’t just say I want to lose x number of kilos before the next new year. Build in your own small steps. What about, by March I want to have sorted out my lifestyle so that I am in the habit of committing 3 mornings a week to a gym sesh and two afternoons to a social exercise routine. FYI by doing that for the three months from NYE you will have probably already started to see a difference. Then set your next goal to have committed to a healthy meal plan that you enjoy and are able to look forward to by April. Then you can say, “Ok, my lifestyle is sorted to help me achieve this goal. Now I want to have lost a further 3 kilograms by August.” and so on.

Be realistic. If you’re naturally broad across the shoulders, do not expect your body to shrink its frame size. That’s not possible. Think about something you have previously achieved, maybe 3 years ago you were the size you would like to be now, so go for that, don’t just say ‘Oh, I’m a size 14. I’ve never been a size 6, but hell, let’s do this.” Not realistic. You will only set yourself up to fail. I’m not saying that kind of transformation isn’t possible. It certainly is for people with a body shape that allows for that, but some people just wont ever be that size. Its like trying to water your feet thinking you’ll grow. I tried that when I was a little girl. I was unsuccessful for any of you wondering…

Surround yourself with people who will love and support you. 

By the way, you can always add a footnote to your New Years resolution. You can always amend the resolution of “I’m going to save money this year by not shopping online anymore.” to “I’m going to save money this year by cutting half of my spending on all indulgent things.” That way you don’t relapse in a big way and buy half of the Iconic in one hit. If you decide to save by halving the amount of coffee you drink with the added help of halving the amount of online shopping you do then I always feel like its more achievable and you’re able to tick off more than one thing at a time and you might find you are able to declutter your life in many ways with one resolution, but not feel like you’ve gone on a life diet.

Finally,  stay strong, you can do it! Surround yourself with people who will support you through this.

Let me know what your New Year resolutions and goals are in the comments!


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