Makeup meltdown

It’s so hot here in Sydney. December + Australia means that you sweat your makeup off before 9 am. Which means your lipstick has already bled and your mascara has those pesky little dots on your eyelids and under your eyes. Its a great way to perfect the ‘hot mess’ look…

Start with your makeup. Make sure you use a primer on these sweltering days. You can get some great chemist (drug store) brands like l’oreal, but I am also loving Nutrimetic’s face prime. Both are super silky and help your makeup stay put. Which means you don’t have to wear anywhere near as much as you would think. FYI I use a primer everyday, but thats just me. It helps keep my concealer in place over any irritating blemishes!

I use a high factor SPF every day next (personal faves are Everyday Face and Cetaphil tinted face) followed by my foundation and then concealer. Concealer always goes on last because you can hide any dark circles or blemishes the foundation hasn’t corrected.

My go to for hot day eye make up is a pencil slicks of brown eyeliner (yes. its so good for day wear. Don’t hate it until you’ve tried it.) and some black mascara. I then add some blush and highlighter on my cheekbones and brow bones and I’m set to go. It gives a nice dewy look that lasts all day.

You can thank me the next scorching day! 😉



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