Skirt crush with Vodim

More specifically I have fallen in love with Vodim the label’s  commitment to quality and elegance, a belief that I share that all women should feel beautiful, sophisticated and sexy all at once. They have really perfected these three looks in one which are perfect for the work place.

I have the Blue Marle below the knee skirt – which incidentally also comes in cherry red – uh where do I sign up? Here. Thanks.


This skirt is perfect with a classic crisp white shirt for a more classic office look, looks fabulous with a fun shirt or blouse (you can thank the cut, colour and fabric of the skirt for this!) and it also looks great with wedges for a more relaxed weekend look.


Lets talk about the cut of this skirt. It falls to just below your knee for what you can mistakenly believe is a more modest style. I absolutely agree and disagree at the same time. You can rock this length at any age keeping your look stylish and also classy at the same time! I live by the adage of sex sells but class is timeless. Someone famous has said those things a time or two…  The fit of the skirt and sleek silhouette it gives, allows you to ban the stereotype and wear it with pride. If you are a little older just think about opposites. If the skirt length is modest then think about an interesting cut and fabric to complement the length. It’s a quick and simple way to make sure you get that balance right and keep the personal style without losing your class and femininity.


I also love the colour of this skirt. If you’re looking for the clean classics of business wear this blue colour seems to blend into a beautiful compliment of the rest of the outfit while still adding some colour – but if you’re styling a relaxed weekend look then this skirt manages to morph into a colour that seems almost like a subtle denim. I actually think its magic.

Check out Vodim the Label’s other stunning designs here. And happy shopping beauties!



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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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