Jacket Obsessions

My favourite time of year is here again. Spring. The time when you get to wear lightweight jackets in the morning and evening but strip them off and go sleeveless in the middle of the day. I am a lizard at heart and love a good summers day, but I also love the sophistication of a really nice jacket.


When I say jacket, I don’t mean a blazer, nor do I mean an overcoat. I’m talking about mid thigh, long sleeves and may or may not button up. I love to use these as statement pieces for my outfit – to add a pop of colour or a bright pattern. The best part about this is that if you realise that you forgot your 11 AM meeting is with that not-so-up-with-the-times client who wont appreciate he loud colours. Easy, whip it off for your meeting and back on again for drinks with the girls that night.

Two of my favourite spring jackets are both from ZARA. They have absolutely nailed this look and they are super easy to style. The cut on both (think cute boat neck and 3/4 sleeves) are to die for and are their own little sophisticated statement.

So how do we style the classics? Classic colour, classic shape and fit? Easy peasy. Complement with colours from the same palette, and if you’re a little braver go for colours on the same palette but at opposing ends eg a baby blue shirt and a navy jacket.

But what about the crazy patterns, designs and colours? You need to keep it simple. Remember you’re still going to work so you need to make sure its office appropriate not necessarily “I’m an individual and am going to break all the fashion rules today”. Save it for a Saturday night. Remember you’re channeling your own sophisticated, but still quirky style into office appropriate wear.


For example I am in love with a bright pink jacket with three quarter sleeves from ZARA. I pair it with either all white or all black outfits. That way if I need to suddenly and unexpectedly need to ‘blend in’ a little I just throw the jacket over the back on my chair. Instant fix.

The other thing you need to remember is that these sorts of jackets are often timeless in cut and quality, so I give full permission to go out and splurge!

Check out my IG feed for some jacket inspo! xx

This cape is from Showpo Executives and I am just so in love with it!


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