Loud shoe dilemmas


These shoes are amazing, but they were an impulse buy. No they aren’t real and I am proud of it. They cost me $35 including postage from the Iconic. Bargain. Only problem is that I love them so much I just wish I could wear them to work. They aren’t exactly sweet as pie work shoes.

So here are my tips to style ‘aggressive’ shoes. Weird description right? Well once you put these on you kind of feel a bit like a supermodel bad ass. Not a bad cure for the start of the week.

So I have some very simple rules with shoes like this.

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Balance it with something a little more feminine.


Keeping it simple. OK, sounds easy enough right? But it’s actually not because so many people fall into this trap because the shoes feel so amazing on that they feel like glamming the whole outfit up and they end up with something a little OTT and stripper-esque.

I usually wear it with the same colours of the shoes; nude and black with some gold details to match the studs. It unites everything really nicely without it looking too matchy matchy.


These black cropped pants from Showpo are my go to with these shoes whether it’s for work or for date night. They are so good for keeping things simple but chic which is exactly what you need with shoes like these!


My second rule is to keep it feminine. With shoes that are a not so feminine it’s importance to keep the balance right for work. You don’t want to walk in looking like you’ve come straight from a heavy metal concert. Luckily this season has been all about pastels and bows. I’ve left my blouse un-tucked for a more relaxed look – the last thing you want to do is look like you’ve tried too hard. This blouse even has the cutest bow detail which relaxes the look even more and makes it a little more playful. When you look at the whole outfit together, each part equally unites and softens the other that way you can wear your daring shoes and work in them too!



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