The Kaluha dress

If you’ve ever had anything to do with Esther boutique you know that this dress is going to be amazing.

I bought the burgundy stripe, but it comes in navy, and beige as well. It is the perfect knitted body con dress for mid season styling.



I have so much in navy and so many beige tops or pants, I thought the burgundy stripe was just perfect, great to keep your wardrobe colours different.

I originally bought it online as a dress for brunch on the weekends with girl friends, but after trying it on for the first time at home, I just didn’t want to take it off. I also discovered that it was perfect for work at the moment because it was a little warmer than most of my other dresses, being knitted and it ticked all the modesty boxes – to the knee and a high scoop neck with three quarter sleeves! But because its a knitted body con it still showed off my shape but wasn’t a ‘sexy sexy’ date night body con in a slinky material. It stops just at the knee but one side scoops up a little and shows off just a little. I love the asymmetrical lines of this dress.

As soon as I saw it on the Esther boutique website I knew I had to have it – plus it only costs $69.95! Bargain! And in all honesty who doesn’t want to wear a dress named after some cocktails!

Have a look at my Insta to see how I styled this beauty!


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