Slaves to Fashion

I really dislike fashion. For a fashion blog, you would think that is a rather counter intuitive statement. Wrong. Here’s why.

Fashion is fickle. 

You buy something that costs you most of your paycheck and then less than six months later you’re a pariah if you wear it out of the house. Wonderfully expensive, and out of date top, you are now my TV buddy. Welcome to retirement.

I really hate how you just cant wear things once they go out of fashion. I’m not saying I don’t buy into the latest trends, I most certainly do, but I do it my way. I give a nod to the latest fashion – whether its boho, grunge, 50’s, 70’s, 80’s style its all the same to me. I just buy a few key pieces that are part of the trend, but I still get to keep the rest of my outfit. I don’t have a large enough bank account to redecorate my entire wardrobe every 5 months.

It often looks terrible on most people. 

Great, Gigi Hadid rocks a  baggy double denim shirt-overalls and still looks like a magical unicorn. I however look like I have unsuccessfully raided a St Vincent de Paul’s op shop. Not to mention I also do not possess genes that make most angels green with envy.

You watch a fashion show and the models look like they’ve just had emotional surgery and removed all life from them. They clothes they are wearing look disastrous and you sit and wonder (and cringe) if anyone actually leaves the house in that. Blindly following what some wacky thinks is fashion is a bad idea.

Its expensive. 

Its expensive for something that you cant wear again next season. See first paragraph. What a rip off.

However, I’m not saying I never wear expensive items, I do – I just make sure they are timeless. I have some stunning pieces that have been go to clothes for so many occasions for more than 5 years.


It isn’t practical. 

Most clothes are practical, and you can only wear them for those events so specific, you end up buying a costume wardrobe for each dress up event. Lets look at all these bandage dresses, and jersey material out there at the moment. Babes all across the world fill our Instagram feeds with slinky, skin tight dresses and outfits. Reality check – they probably haven’t eaten all year. Its a terrible material if you wish to live like a normal human. Trust me, it creates fake tummies in seconds flat after a meal – no idea how suddenly I get a little rounder after a loaf of white bread, a mud cake, three doughnuts and a cheese platter. Must be devil magic.


I’m not saying don’t buy fashionable pieces – I certainly do! Just don’t get bogged down in thinking every piece you wear has to be fashionable. Make sure you have enough pieces for complete outfits and then you can start adding the luxuries of fashion.





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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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