It is that time of the week again..Smonday

How to I battle against this feeling? Well its actually quite simple. I love lists, I have even been known to make lists about making lists. And so, this slightly obsessive behaviour is my saviour for Smondayitis. I make a list of all the good things about my week.

For example, I have some meetings on Monday night that I am so nervous for, but strangely I just cant wait to meet these people.   So, the first thing I think of is, what do I wear?

The people I am meeting are often beautifully presented and so I want to show them that I am a little different to the others in at least this relatable way.

How do I manage that then?

Surprise surprise, I have already planned my weekly wardrobe. I have already checked my weather app and I know the rough forecast for the next few days.

Honestly, most of my ‘pre game meeting’ nerves were often due to outfit dilemmas. This is a thing of the past because I now know what works and what doesn’t for me. I have some go to outfits for occasions like this, and I know how to make them look a little different each time!

Oh and look at that – suddenly that Smonday feeling isn’t so bad any more. I am more excited now about the outfit and that has distracted me. You need to learn what works for you to redirect those negative feelings about your working week. Go for a walk, plan your weeks lunches… do some on line shopping (Definitely giving myself permission for this last one!), it really helps.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead planned out – let me know what your fixes your Smondayitis! xx

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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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