seeing double

Have you ever been in a rush and thrown on one of your favourite outfits – one that you’re comfortable in but you know looks great? It’s a great feeling. I always feel like my day has to go well because in my mind I feel like I’ve cheated time nsd the wardrobe malfunction gods in one stylish hit.

And then you get to work.

“Oh I love this dress! It’s your ‘meetings’ dress, it looks fabulous on you !”

“You always wear that outfit! It looks great”

and amidst all these well meaning admirers, your confidence plummets. Fast. You try and laugh it off, you inwardly cringe and start praying for Thursday late night shopping.

Nothing ruins a perfectly good mood or the pre presentation excited nerves more than outfit double up.

Same skirt – different looks…. keep scrolling though!


I avoid this by trying to remember last time I had an important meeting or what I did this day last week. For example, it’s fine to wear the same outfit, just never the same day in consecutive weeks. Otherwise that person who only shows up on a Tuesday each week will only see that same pair of killer heels. What a bummer. If you’re a selfie queen like me, just flick through your phone photos and have a look when you last wore that outfit.

I know it might seem like a lot of work, and honestly sometimes in the mornings the last thing you feel like doing is figuring out how many times you wore that dress can be too much. That’s why planning the outfit is so important. Head to my post Nightly rituals unveiled to get the how to, in order to make your morning routine a whole lot easier.

Good luck and happy shopping! Xx



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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

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