Nightly rituals unveiled


We have all been there; the panic sets in as each item you throw on looks worse than the last  and the clock sets the pace against your caffeine-d  heart. You’re desperately deciding just how wrinkled your shirt has to be before someone will notice. It’s the fastest way to ruin your day. Guaranteed.

So, how to avoid this?

Learn to love your nightly prep. Think about what kind of day you’re going to have (fabulous obviously) – are you going to be running from meeting to meeting? Standing up teaching a class full of teenagers? Wrangling clients in-between sushi bites? or sedate, swanning from the coffee room to the photocopier?

night prep

I know if i’m going to be on my feet all day I’ll choose my favourite go to heels – the trusty sidekicks that never fail. I bought them on a trip to London and I’ve never looked back. the only problem was I didn’t buy one in every colour (yes thats also so true. I hate to admit is Gran, but you were right!)

Conversely if I know I’ll be siting in a meeting for most of the day I want the part of me they see from over the table to hit them right in the face – metaphorically of course! So what would I wear? I would choose a statement necklace, or a bright bold scarf or a fabulous top. Please note the OR between each of those. None of those items like to be seen together in public. However there is always the exception to every rule as you can be sure someone will always point out.

Once you have decided on what your day will be like then start to build your outfit. If you haven’t read my post One Small Thing then I would suggest you head there to get the low-down on outfit construction.

Remember to build from one item up in the outfit, like a spider web of fabulousness.

Now, to the fun part. Take each item of your outfit from your closet and hang it on your door. Add your accessories on the floor including your watch, earrings etc and finally your shoes. Inspect your shirt – yes it really is ironed, and yes it has all its buttons. Look at your shoes – yes they are clean, no, they are not exactly comfortable, but yes, they are beautiful.

Once you have the whole outfit laid out you can step back and admire your handiwork. Remind your subconscious to dream of how fabulous you are going to look tomorrow – and I can guarantee you won’t be hitting snooze as often the next morning when you’re excited to put on your killer outfit!

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