One small thing

Be precise with the words you use and the clothes you wear.

Build your outfit.

A builder won’t start with the roof or the walls    if the foundations aren’t right.

An architect won’t design the dream house if they don’t know which way to face it to access as much natural lighting as possible. They find the right aspect for the house and work from there.

This is how we need to think of our work wardrobe. Don’t try and wear all your favourite pieces together.

I always build my outfits from one item.

For example I might have a new pair of shoes, so I will design the rest of my outfit around them. Or conversely I will be itching to wear a new necklace – so I build my outfit around that. It is such a simple rule that we all sometimes forget, but it is one of the most damaging things you can do if you forget.

By creating your outfit around one item, you are keeping to that simple elegance mantra whether you realise it or not.

If you are in love with your latest splurge – a long pendant necklace – don’t forget to think about the neckline or the pattern of your shirt/blouse/top. You don’t want the length of the necklace being lost in a  collar and buttons at the front.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Over the top belt accessory

I love  Samantha Wills statement pieces and this one is stunning. Lets use this as an example. If you’re paying for a statement piece, you want everyone to notice it, so lets make sure they do!

Quick example: In winter it could look great with a black turtle neck or a grey cashmere jumper (this is where if you’re layering you can have the white shirt underneath!).

Think of your outfit building as starting with something in the centre of the circle and moving outwards.

A few things you can build around:









This list is certainly not exhaustive, but I’ll be posting individually on these soon!

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Hatched in the imagination of a little girl who still plays dress ups in her adult life.

3 thoughts on “One small thing

  1. […] Sometimes you might be tempted to buy the beautiful jacket or dress, but you have to ask yourself why. If you aren’t absolutely sure that you’ll be able to wear it next season, then don’t buy it. Spending money on fashions is just money wasted when you are shopping for a corporate wardrobe. I leave my fashion or splurge money for pieces I can add or subtract or wear casually out of the office. For more about accessories and the little things, click here. […]


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